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How can i help you?

​Throughout our coaching relationship, we will work towards making you a resilient and self-aware person; guiding you in applying your competencies, assessing your areas of necessary improvement, finding your inner meaning and intrinsic drive, accepting (and being proud of) who you are, what you are currently lacking and what you have achieved; which are all key factors to happiness and success.

This is founded on the belief that if I can help you understand the core of who you are and what you are capable of, then you are capable and intelligent enough to reach any realistic goal you set for yourself.

I focus on developing Positive Realism (Realistic Optimism), helping you figure out your Self-Concept, improving your Self-Esteem and helping you realistically evaluate your Self-Efficacy. The difference between some of the most successful and happy people in the world and most of us is usually Resilience and the factors that foster that.

How can I help you?

What do I offer?

Life is made of struggles...

Resiliency Coaching

A tailored program to develop your Resiliency to life

Love requires dedication...

Relationship Growth

Are you struggling with your relationship or wanting one?

IMG_3821 cropped.jpg
Fears should not dictate your life...

Fear Coaching

A personalised approach to help you face and overcome fears

Mountain Range

Aimee Moffat,
Climber/Mother of two

How do you help someone achieve goals they don't even know they have? I am forever grateful to Tarik for his amazing work, it has changed my whole life.


I was going through some tough changes, and I had no direction, no self-confidence, and very minimal goals. I was getting so frustrated with life, being negative and wondering what I was doing wrong.


Tarik helped me realise that I DO know what I want for my future, and I CAN get there, I just needed a little prompting and the right questions at the right time, and Tarik was able to coach me through this. He is patient, yet persistent. He does not cut corners nor do the hard work for you, but helps you to create a plan to achieve your goals yourself so that you take those skills into other aspects of your life and thrive.


I always leave our sessions feeling inspired and excited for what comes next in life. Because of Tarik’s sessions, and my willingness to participate, I am finally happy and on the path I want to be on.


Kevin Aquino,

Tarik's coaching has helped me get out of my comfort zone, and enjoy life outside of the routine.


His coaching helped me conquer my fear of heights; though I still get nervous when high up on a bouldering wall, I no longer freeze. From panicking after climbing 1 metre on an indoor bouldering wall to climbing the whole wall in 3 weeks.


When Tarik coaches, he is patient and persistent. If you give him your goal, he will guide you to achieve it, not using force to reach outcomes, instead, he guides his clients and helps them achieve their goals as if they achieved it by themselves.


Tamara Kassis,
Small Business Owner

Tarik and I instantly developed a solid partnership and with his dedication to me I was able to deeply connect with myself and what I want for my future, something I’ve struggled with for a long time.

His coaching method of asking the right questions at the right time amazed me as well as his overall support.

His welcoming atmosphere in our sessions gradually led to an inner understanding of my future goals and creating a healthy mental state by viewing my life and the world in a different perspective that I didn’t think was possible.

His very many practical suggestions were extremely helpful and will play an important role in my future career.


Working with Tarik was extremely rewarding and I always left my session amazed by the results.

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